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Efficient Drain Cleaning in Fort Saskatchewan

Marino's Plumbing & Heating has provided drain cleaning services in Fort Saskatchewan for over 20 years. Certain things you should just leave up to the professionals. Don't take the risk of braking the messy auguring cables of deep in your drain system, while trying to test your best handyman skills!

Here are some issues that commonly arise when you don’t maintain your drainage:  

  • Pipe bursts 

  • Expensive water bills 

  • Water contamination  

  • Corroded drainage systems  


Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaning Services? 


It’s very common to rent a drain-cleaning machine or use a snake to get the dirt out when you have a clogged drain. By doing this, you are only temporarily fixing your drain. On the other hand, hiring professional drain cleaning services has many benefits, such as:  


  • Eliminates Nasty Odors: Lot of things go down your drains, including hair, soap scum and other organic matter in your bathtub. These can result in a foul smell coming out of your drains. Professional drain cleaning eliminates these organic elements from pipes and decreases or eliminates the odour. 

  • Saves Time And Money: If you routinely maintain your drainage system, you are at less risk of paying for bigger problems down the line.

  • Minimize Blockages: Even the tiniest blockages have the potential to create massive problems. Regularly cleaning drains prevents blockages.

  • Increase Water Flow: Any kind of buildup inside your drains and pipes restricts water flow. You might not notice this during daily use but when there is an increase in usage (like parties), your dirty pipes won’t be able to handle the extra water. Have your drains professionally cleaned to ensure optimal water flow. 

  • Less Expensive Water Bills:  If you have an undetected water leak in your pipes, your water usage increases - this means a not-so-nice water bill. Professional plumbers will inspect your pipes and help you save money in the long run. 


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